What Is DB?

What Is Digital Bankroll?

As you may, or may not know, Digital Bankroll was created as the direct result of my success with Affiliate Marketing.

In it’s early years, it began as nothing more than a simple, yet powerful eBook where I wrote down all of my most guarded secrets of everything I knew about making money online, mainly because my friends kept asking me how I was making so much money.

They attempted to get me all liquored up at the bar so I would reveal all my secrets! lol

It worked!

The next weekend at the bar, I sold all my friends a copy of my eBook! LMAO!!!

That gave me the big fat wake up call, that maybe more people wanted to know the knowledge I had stuffed up in my brain, and what I wrote down in the eBook. Turns out, I was right. As soon as I put it up for sale in a marketplace, it started getting sales almost every single day.

I think it initially did really well because the content in the eBook actually worked like a charm to get people results and it made them money. So they told their circles of influence, and so on. It grew organically.

We didn’t even pay out commissions for our affiliates back then, like we do now 😉

Digital Bankroll Evolves Into An Info Product


Shortly after gaining a ton of new customers, I realized that it was pretty hard to manage them. Plus they all wanted more from me, they wanted a deeper level of service, and I would have been a dumbass not to give it to them.

So I opened up the Digital Bankroll Coaching Program, where students can come to class once per week, bring their marketing, their websites, or whatever they are hustlin’ out there online, and we help them tweak it, improve conversions, get more traffic, and ultimately make more money.

Pretty soon we had testimonials pouring in like crazy from all walks of life. From fellow marketers, to real estate agents, to Internet Marketing newbies. Everyone was finding success in the strategies and techniques we showed them how to implement.

Is Digital Bankroll Right For You?

That’s a really good question.

The answer is, that it’s not for everyone.

Some people don’t want to learn this Internet Marketing stuff and are completely content working jobs for the rest of their lives and making someone else rich in the process.

At Digital Bankroll, we do not accept mediocrity.

There’s enough ordinary people out there in the world. We are looking for the people are want to do the extraordinary.

Here’s A List Of Who This IS NOT For.

• If you enjoy working for someone else & having a boss.
• If you don’t want to retire until you’re 50ish.
• If you get a thrill about paying $100K for your kids college bill.
• If you absolutely love fitting in and being average/mediocre.
• If you hate taking vacations to exotic places.

As you can see, that is the type of list average people would actually be fond of.

But not you, you are visionary. You have a bigger purpose in life. And you want to run, as fast as you can towards that idea.

Here’s A List Of Who THIS IS For.

• If you enjoy waking up at Noon to more commissions than last months paycheck.
• If you want to retire with the next 6-12 months and laugh at your boss.
• If you would rather pay your kids tuition without flinching.
• If you absolutely hate the status quo, the norm, and are kinda weird. (like a genius)
• If you love taking vacations any time you want, anywhere you please.

At Digital Bankroll, we like to work less and live more.

Because life was meant for living.

If you like what you see, then the next step you need to take is to join our email list, watch the free video we’ve prepared for you and make a decision about joining Digital Bankroll today.

I’ll see you on the inside,
Matthew Neer


Matthew Neer
After being abducted by aliens, Matthew was dropped back onto his skateboard where he had a massive vision to empower the people through Digital Bankroll and the knowledge he releases here on this very blog. He hopes you enjoy his teachings and laugh at his corny jokes.
Matthew Neer
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