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If you are familiar with phone sales, or if you have done anything along those lines, then you’ll know how much of a pain in the ass it can be. When you are dealing with a live prospect, they will naturally have objections to things that you say and your job as a sales person is to overcome those objections, close the deal and collect the money.

But the problem here is that a lot of times when people think about sales, they get in “Sales Mode” and therefore, they turn on this weird persona that is just a pitch machine and ultimately makes your prospects run for the hills for fear of being sold.

However, when you master this technique, it will allow you to sell like a chameleon.

#1. Permission Based Closing

Here’s the magic phrase to use.

“Can I coach you on that?”

You ALWAYS use some variation of this phrase.

No matter what the objection may be… “My spouse doesn’t want me to do this business.” or “I don’t have the money.” or “I’ve tried a million different ways to make money.”

This is called Permission Based Marketing. Because here’s what it does, if you don’t get permission from the prospect to coach them on their objection, you will start a war with them. A verbal confrontation that will most likely end in them hanging up on you or pissing you off to the degree that you hang up on them.

This is also key, if the prospect says… “NO! You cannot coach me on that.” They are not ready to hear what you have to say, they have proven they are not coachable and you should not waste your time with this person. Simply tell them that they need to be ready to receive the wisdom you will impart to them. You can even tell them that this shows the are not coachable and you only work with coachable people.

Always remember, once they say yes, you have established rapport, and you can say whatever you want. Just get permission first.

#2. Assume The Sale

This is how you assume the close.

“So you’ve seen the biz opp video and you said you love the product because of X, it looks like we have green lights on everything. Here’s what happens next.”

The key part of what you do here is TELL THEM what to do next. DO NOT ask.

An amateur would say something like “Do you wanna buy?”

A pro would just assume the close and tell the prospect where to go to buy and walk them through it. They would never even ask the prospect to buy because the sale is assumed.

The only question you should ask here is… “Are you in front of a computer right now?” they say… “Yes.” and you collect the money.

#3. The Trial Close Technique

Here, what we are going to do is get a series of micro commitments, which lead up to the big close, aka the high ticket product.

Just like in skateboarding, how you must learn to ride the board before you can ollie, you must master the ollie before you can kickflip, and you gotta know the kickflip before you can 360 flip, etc. It’s an evolutionary process. This is how human beings are built.

Below is an example of something I might say to a prospect on the phone in order to test their commitment level, before I go for the big close.

“You will get instant access to your products the moment you buy, in order to maximize their effectiveness, we have a training system our leaders developed that cost them over X amount, but you get access to that for only $97/mo. Does that sound okay? We take Visa, Mastercard, & American Express. Sign up takes 2 minutes.”

Again, we assume the close at the end and put the sale through. However, this is a point where potential objections can surface. And we do this on purpose so that they can express why they don’t to buy early on, before we get to the big close, and easily overcome it. This gives them the opportunity to inform you why or why not they will buy.

#4. The Dream Scape Close

What you’ll notice throughout these 21 Closing Strategies is that some will be very similar but they will the prospect from different angles and multiple modalities. And that’s exactly what we are going to do right here, right now.

If you feel like you want to test the close without having any money involved then you can implement this technique.

“After you get started, we have a Dream Scaping Action Guide that takes about 10min to fill out. It helps me learn why you’re doing this biz, and it’s important for you to visualize your goals.Would you be able to get the action guide completed by the morning so we can mastermind about it at 11:00am?”

If the prospect says… “YES!” what does that mean?

That means they are ready to buy because the assumptive psychology in this sentence implies that the only way they will be able to get this action guide, visualize their goals, and mastermind with you tomorrow morning is if they buy today.

Do you see it?

#5. The Live Event Commitment Close

Hyping up a live event to a prospect on a phone call does a few things. First off, it shows them that you actually a real person who wants to meet them in person, which completely disarms any objections of your biz opp being a scam. Second, once they commit to being at a members only live event, the only way then will be allowed to come is if they are actually a member. This is all subconscious, behind the scenes thoughts happening in your prospects mind as you say the following…

“We have our next LIVE event at X location. The last time we did a LIVE event it was at Z location. It was so amazing when we all went to Y place and did A activity. Anyways, anyone who is a serious top producer is at these LIVE events without question. I know it’s kind of off the cuff, but would you be able to make it to our next one at ABC date?”

This is a great close, because it not only tests their level of commitment, but it also builds a culture of leadership of people who attend live events. You want people going to live events in your organization and you want this to be an expected thing that happens. You want it to be frowned upon if they do not show up. Get your people to commit to live events and leaders will sprout in your business.

#6. The Dollar Per Hour Close

Now there are a few very critical things going on here that you need to be aware of.

First off, this close works well with people who have JOBS and want out. Then are wire to trade their time for money, so when you put making commissions into the perspective of time for money, things CLICK and they take action.

Essentially, what you are doing painting this the picture of your biz opp being a high paying job situation. Obviously you both know it’s not, and important to be clear on that, however, do stress the fact that they can make doctor or lawyer pay, working less than one would if they were a doctor or a lawyer.

Here’s an example of how I would say this on the phone.

“The coolest thing about X company is that you can actually make commissions in ZERO minutes. Let me explain. How much do you make per hour right now, roughly? Well, each time you sell X product, you make X commissions. (ex $500) And think about it, we’ve only been on the phone for 20 minutes, and if you buy, I make that on the starter kit. That’s not bad money for the time. Now when your qualified team mates make a sale, you make X commissions …doing nothing. Then residuals kick in. This is what “buys” us our time freedom. Does this make sense? Ask for the sale.”

Another key factor here, is that you want to show them how they can create leverage through affiliates. We called them team mates in the copy above, but whatever the term may be, they need to understand that when they bring in new sales, those people are taught to do the same thing and they get a commissions percentage from their affiliates efforts, thus creating money doing absolutely nothing.

And finally, once they understand this process, like it, and see how it works, you simply close the sale. This means you ask them something like… “Are you in front of your computer right now?” they say… “Yes.” and you walk them through the purchase process.

#7. The ‘I Won’t Help You’ Close

A lot of times in sales and marketing, the prospect wants to be reassured that you are going to hold their hand, change their diapers, and baby them through every little thing they have to do in their business to create results. This is not how you run a business, and instead of telling the prospect you will do this for them and then not do it and have them quit on you.

Instead, tell them that you WILL NOT hold their hand because you want to teach people how to build a business and have a life at the same time. Paint the scenario of how their life would be like if they had to help 100+ people with every little thing, every single day. That sucks.

What you are doing in the copy below, is setting the expectation that if they need help with something, they need to attend a training webinar. It’s the simple. It frees your time up from fire fighting all day long, and if also demonstrates leadership by teaching your team how to host and run training webinars for their team once it grows big enough.

“When I work with new team mates, I like to know what kind of coaching style you prefer. I will not be calling you like your boss, trying to motivate you to get to work, and I won’t hold your hand. But we will be running a lot of training webinars and that is the main way we build out team. What we are going to do is setup a 20min 1-on-1 coaching session 2 weeks from now. This way you will have time to go through X training and attend the coaching webinars. Is that cool?”

What this copy also does is future pace your prospect to, again, buy from you now in order to get what you are promising them after the sale.

Are you seeing a trend here? lol

#8. The Missing Puzzle Piece Close

Many times, people think that when someone has been in multiple biz opps, that its’s a negative thing. It’s actually a positive thing. Here’s why. The more things the prospect has tried, the most times they have seen the same patterns of failure over and over again. Which is why when you tell them how you have the exact system/product/team combination that they need to succeed, it’s an absolute no brainer for them to buy from you.

“So how many biz opps have you been involved with?” THEY SHARE. “What do you think the missing piece has been in those experiences?” THEY SHARE. You respond with how your specific product/system/team fills that gap. 

No matter what objection they share with you here, you will have a way to fill that gap specifically with your product/system/team combo. Because that trio is exactly how you need to approach making a killing with business opportunities. It’s the holy trinity.

When the prospect tells you how many biz opps they’ve joined and failed at, it’s likely that they will call all 50,000 of them scams. This is where you ask… “What is it about you that attracts such shady programs into your life?” That’s a life changing question. When they answer that, you simply position your biz opp as the solution to why they have failed in the past. Then you close and collect the money.

#9. The Success Obsession Close

This will get the prospect back into the positive zone.

“So you’ve been in X biz opps? What’s been your best experience so far? Now even though your spouse is going to roll their eyes when they hear you joined another biz opp, and your friends will probably ridicule you again. What’s the deep reason you want to succeed so bad as an entrepreneur? It seems like you have a success obsession. What’s drives that?”

You ask them why they are willing to endure the fire again, and again. What is the big reason for all that? This is incredibly powerful that I hope you are taking notes on this, because what this is going to do for you is going to open everything up like you have never seen before.

This is when your prospect will open up and tell you THE reason they want this. You discover the hot button and now form a bond of trust between you two.

#10. The Awareness Awakening Close

This piece works hand in hand with #9. Because you want to open up with #9 first, and after you break down the thick outer crust of why they want success so bad, now you take it to the next level by awareness to their situation and awakening the dormit passion of their dreams once more.

Here’s an example.

“When was the last time your boss, or any of your friends, asked you to actually share your dreams? Why don’t they? Think about it… Because your job makes it impossible to achieve ANYTHING you just shared with me. I’m not saying to be angry with the people in your life, but if you want those things you just mentioned, you have to add a new circle of influence to your life. And our team mates, like X, like Y, and like Z, they are motivating, inspiring and successful people. It’s amazing to be around their energy.”

This is what’s powerful here. When you ask the prospect who talks to them about their real dreams, they will probably say no one, then you let them know that’s because of the kind of people they surround themselves with, and how their bank account is probably the average of the 5 closest people they around around with most. Show them how, through your opportunity, they can hang around with wealthy people and soak up their energy and mindsets like a sponge.

Now after you have this conversation, you say… “What are the last 2 or 3 questions you have before you get started today?” Address them, the say… “We take Visa, Mastermind, and American Express, which credit card would you like to use today? Here’s how to get started.”

#11. The Personal Testimonial Close

This is one of the most powerful ways to close, because it shows the prospect that you are not just high and mighty guru and that you came from humble beginnings, just like they are in right now. It’s gives proof to the element of the average persons success in this industry, which is all it really is anyways. People with a dream, who stop at nothing to achieve it.

“I remember when I first got started in this business, I had to borrow thousands of dollars from a relative just to get involved and I only have 30 days to pay them back or they would lose their house. But I really wanted it, so I decided to take massive action that day and never look back. You are definitely in a rough patch with money right now, but the best stories always come from people just like you and I. And to be honest, nobody ever joins this business because they love where their life is at, they join because it’s the easiest and fastest way to get out of the situation they are in. This is the beginning of a great story. Ya feel me?”

Give testimate to the struggle that you have gone through, or that you are still doing through. Don’t think that if you haven’t 100% made it yet, that you cannot share your testimony of how you got started. If anything, that is more powerful because it shows that you have faith in your own abilities as a leader and as an entrepreneur. People join others with faith. People join leaders.

#12. The Time Test Close

Serious people will move mountains to achieve their dreams. If you talk with a prospect and they say they are too busy to dedicate 10 hours per week to their business, then they either don’t have a big enough dream (which you should then go back and hit on) or they are just wasting your time. Here’s how you find out.

“So, to succeed in this, it requires less time than a part time job to begin with, but at least a minimum of 10 hours per week. How would you fit that time commitment into your current schedule?” EXECUTE CLOSE!

Again, this is a trial close. You are not asking for money here directly, instead you are getting the prospect to make minor mental commitments in their head and get them thinking about what happens AFTER the sale takes place. Depending on how they respond to a question like this, will tell you if they are ready to be taken into the BIG close for the money.

If they are not ready yet, take them through a few more trial closes, then ask for the sale.

#13. The Guillotine Close

Go for the kill.

This, right here, is how you will save yourself from massive jibber jabber and time wasters trying to suck your energy. Now this might sound lethal, and I don’t want you to take it the wrong way, but you gotta cut off 1 of the heads of the hydra. And ya need to go for the head that talks too much! lol

THEY START ASKING A MILLION QUESTIONS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE CALL. YOU RESPOND… “Wow, Jake I am excited about all your energy and enthusiasm. To make sure I am respecting your time and mine too, can I ask you one question first? If I go through each and every one of those questions, and you hear answers that make sense, are you ready to join at X level today?”

Here’s what happens. Most of the time, when someone comes on the phone attacking you with questions, they are just lookin’ for some freebie coaching from you, or a piece of your time, or whatever their agenda may be. You can stop that by simply asking them if they are ready to join once you answer all their questions.

Typically, they will say things like “Oh, well not today. I’m waiting on my tax refund. Then I’ll join.” or “Oh nooooo, I’m just looking for the right opportunity.” In which case, you kindly tell them that this is NOT the one for them! lol Trust me, you don’t want to work with them anyways. Just got for the kill.

#14. The Bewilderment Buffer Close

Sometimes, people try and jump the gun way too fast. They want you to ‘sit down’ with them and explain every little detail that is outlined within the video they have not yet watched, but have been instructed too. These kind of people basically want to poison your time with questions. Here’s what you do when this happens…

THEY START ASKING YOU QUESTIONS THAT ARE INSIDE THE VIDEO THEY HAVE NOT WATCHED YET. “Those are great questions, have you watched X video yet? Okay, I really want to have a high level conversation with you about this, but we can’t do that yet. So how about this, do you have time right now to watch X video. Then when it’s over, can you get back with me a X:pm?”

Another thing I might do with this kind of prospect is tell them to buy something before they earn my time. If I am selling something low end on the front, typically under $100 dollars, I will not talk to them on the phone, or allow them to come to a training webinar before they make that purchase. Because IF you do, they will poison your time or your webinar environment. Not a fun thing to have.

Get them to a video, or have them make a purchase with a deadline. If they don’t do it. They are not serious. Write them off and continue producing.

#15. The Action Bonus Incentive Close

This is a way of conditioning people to do certain things in order to work with you. The objective here is to, first, test a trial close. If they say yes here, they are likely ready to buy. But second, it’s also to make the prospect aware that they will have to fight for your time. If you are not putting barricades in place for people to overcome in order to receive your time, you’ll never have any time. Here’s what you do.

“Have you read A Happy Pocket Full Of Money yet? It’s a great book that will position you to be in a wealth mindset about money and how you can position yourself to make automated income. It’s a absolutely requirement for anyone who works with our team, if you join today, I’ll send you a copy of that book, will you read it?” EXECUTE CLOSE!

And a cool little trick here, is that the Happy Pocket Full Of Money is actually a PDF download, so it costs you nothing to send it to them, but it holds massive perceived value because of how you will talk about it. And by positioning this book as a means to get them to make a purchase is beautiful because it gives them a requirement to work with you.

Click here to download Happy Pocket Full Of Money.

#16. The Leadership Expectation Close

This close is executed when the conversation is going well, you’ve covered everything that needs to be talked about and they have already made a buying decision because you have been taking them through a series of micro commitments along the whole conversation. Here’s what you say.

“So we have 5 products here at X company, what all of our leaders do is buy all the products because it allows you to ABC. Is that level good with you?” EXECUTE CLOSE! 

What’s the next thing you do here? You say… “So, Sally, are you at a computer right now? Here’s how you get started.” And you walk them through the sign up process.

Why does this work? Because it makes the prospect prove to you that everything they’ve been saying for the duration of your conversation is true by taking action and making the purchase without hesitation.

#17. The Immediate Action Close

You will come across this type of prospect far too many times in your experience as a marketer. Let’s study.

THEY TELL YOU THEY WILL JOIN NEXT WEEK. YOU RESPOND. “Can I give you some insight on that, just as a coach and a friend? So you’ve decided to join for sure? What’s going to be different about tomorrow, or next week, that you are waiting till then? Hmmm. Can I ask your a personal question? Do you feel like you have a habit of procrastination? If you know you are going to do it, but you immediately create a gap of time between what you will do and what you actually do, as a business owner, that’s kind of a shaky habit. It would be much better to get started now and begin building your ‘immediate action’ muscle.”

You must connect with the person on their level of procrastination and expose the fact that there is a character flaw here. Not that they are a bad person, but as a business owner, it is not a good character trait to be a procrastinator. Shine the light on the big ass problem and help them over come it by taking action now.

Buying is a good thing. Move to the close and collect the money.

Sometimes, they may actually have a legit reason why they cannot buy now, like they will get paid next week, or whatever. If that’s the case, this does not apply here. But if not, then you must take overcome their objection here and walk them through joining now.

#18. The New Birth Close

There is A LOT going on here. It’s deep, there is a ton of psychology happening behind the scenes, so read this over a few times if you do not get it right away.

“This is a new business and we want to start building new patterns of wealth and action. Because here is what’s going to happen to you if you wait. You will have a prospect in the future who loves everything but ‘will join in 2 weeks’ yet you will not have the moral position to say… ‘Hey, ya know what, I said the same thing, but my mentor taught me to shorten the gap between saying something and actually doing it.’ Now the world is yours. You will see fast sign ups. But if you wait on it ‘just because’ it’s your habit, you will not be able to mentor others into wealthy habits.”

Basically, your team is going to do what you do. If you take forever to make the decision and sign up, you are going to attract those exact same kind of people into your business and life is going to suck. This is why you must make a snappy decision to buy now,therefore, when you ask others to do the same, you can position yourself as an action taker and show others how they need to be in order to achieve the same type of results you are going to create by moving quickly. Money loves speed. Move to the close.

#19. The Upline Leverage Close

The power of 3 way calls is notorious in sales, but only when done the right way. This copy below shows your the kind of positioning you need to establish for the call to work properly and for it to highly value everyones time involved with the process.

“I’d like you to meet my mentor X, he used to do X for a living, but then saw this company X video and started going crazy. But his time is pretty sacred stuff, now what I’d like to do is setup a time for us 3 to chat so we can answer any final questions. Here’s what’s required for that to happen. Anyone who gets on the phone with him must be able to afford X package and have the desire to buy it, and is open to attending the next live event within X time span. Would you like to meet with him tonight?”

You see what’s happening here? You are again, setting requirements, creating obstacles that people must overcome in order to work with you. This makes them fight for your time, and therefore the best people will always win your time. This also positions your upline/mentor as someone who holds the keys to the universe, and has the knowledge the prospects seeks to reach their desired level of income or goals.

#20. The Final Question Close

The major take away from this copy is not to wuss out of using the word today. Always ask them to join now, today! Let’s study.

So what do you like best about what you’ve seen so far? Obviously before you get started you probably have 2 or 3 major questions you want answered before you take action. What are those questions before you join today?

Again, this is direct, it’s a assumptive close, and it let’s you know if the prospect is serious about moving on the money right now. If they hesitate, they are not ready and you should simply just ask… “So if we get your questions answered, are you ready to join today?” If they say no a second time, tell them politely that this is not an effective use of either persons time, let them know they have YOUR phone number, and hang up.

#21. The Uncertainty Is Certain Close

This is a beautiful one. It takes away the certainty of being uncertain. Let’s examine.

“I’m not sure 100% certainty is possible for us. I was about 80% when I join X company that I was doing the right thing.” EX: Even when I married my wife I was about 80% sure. When I bought my house I was 70% sure. When I chose my college I was 80% sure. “So I don’t believe that everyone needs to feel 100% certain about joining, but they do need to be in the 70%+ range. Where are you at? Well that’s good enough, we take Visa, MasterCard and American Express, how would you like to buy now?”

You see what we did here? We took non-business related subjects like marriage, buying a house, or a car, or whatever and related the decision making process to something most everyone can understand or have been through. That is the key. Get people to realize that they have made harder, more expensive decisions than the one they are about to make, and the moment one of those other decision outweighs what they are about to buy from you now. You have just made the sale.


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