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Right now, I am going to give your 7 of my most sacred entrepreneur success secrets as a work from home Internet junkie that have allowed me to have more success, faster than the average person. These are core things that if you put into practice in your own life, you will be able to see similar results.

Entrepreneur Success Secret #1. –
Irrational Passion

The most common trait in entrepreneurs who have massive success is having a kind of irrational passion for what they do. And it doesn’t matter what that passion is round, as long as it’s irrational. Someone can be just has crazy about cooking bell peppers as someone who helps people lose weight. They are essentially the same thing at the core, if the level of passion is equal.

Entrepreneur Success Secret #2. –
Divine-like Purpose

I said divine-like here, not because it has to be related to god or anything like that, I mean divine-like more in the sense that your business should feel as though it has a bigger purpose and you. That the message you deliver comes from something outside of you and that you deliver this message as sort of a channel.

Does that sound weird yet? lol

But I guarantee you, if you ask any great speaker, like Tony Robbins for example. They will likely tell you the same thing, or something similar. That their message, their passion, and their purpose is much bigger than they are, yet they are merely the messenger delivering something much deeper from the source.

Entrepreneur Success Secret #3. –
Laser Targeted Focus

A massive common success trait that you see in many entrepreneurs is the ability to laser focus their energy in once direction until said goal is achieved. This is something you must adopt should you want to go as far as you can as an entrepreneur.

Now there are two trains of thought here. One might rebuttal me and say that you should never put all your eggs in once basket. And I would agree with you. However, I would also say that you should never try to fill up 100 baskets at the same time. 😉

In my mind, you should ALWAYS fill up ONE basket until moving on to the next.

I’m a strong believer in multiple streams of income. I have plenty myself. But any of the big ones that I have in my life, I have put intense, solid focus on until they produced the result I was looking for. Then I would create a new one, after the first was already self sustainable. Make sense?

Entrepreneur Success Secret #4. –
Extreme Clarity

Having clairvoyance also goes hand in hand with having laser focus. It’s the ability to see the end goal before you have reached it. It’s the ability to see the entire journey before having taken the first step. Now that is a difficult skill, and I believe that this only gets perfected through experience and time. People with charisma would also posses clarity.

How can you have more clarity in your life and in your business? What can you clean up to bring more clarity into it?

Order and Prosperity are homies. So are chaos and poverty.

And orderly office, is a wealthy one. A chaotic office is a poor one.

Having clarity of your action plan is business is the same thing has having order in your office. Make sense?

Entrepreneur Success Secret #5. –
The 30K Foot Vision

You ever hiked a giant mountain? And when you got to the tip top, you looked out over the journey from where you came and all of a sudden you have a massive impression of your vision?

I use the words 30K Foot View, because that is how you need to see your business at all times. Yes, there are smaller things you must do on a daily basis to have things run themselves, but at it’s core, the business must be lead by a massive vision of where it is going. Of what you are DOING for your customers, your partners, your subscribers.

When people feel as though they are a part of something bigger than themselves, it create a sense of unity amongst a community, and there is a power in the people unlike you would ever believe. People want to follow leaders with a vision.

What’s yours?

Entrepreneur Success Secret #6. –
Super Human Strength

Why do you need to be as strong as superman in your business?

Because to achieve anything great is business, life is going to smack you around like a nat in the wind. You are going to get your ass handed to you on a silver plater and expected to eat it, and like it.

Guess what?

The people that will look at the inevitability of that situation and say “Okay, I’m game for that.” Those are the people who will become millionaires in this industry. Those are the people who will go on to create absolutely amazing products, change many peoples lives, and help better the world. One sale at a time. :)

Entrepreneur Success Secret #7. –

Being humble.

Perhaps one of the most underestimated traits of a successful self made entrepreneur. And I say humble there for a very specific reason. Many times we get this picture of rich people in our heads that they are snooty, stuck up and rude. I believe that this picture can sometimes stem from those who have inherited wealth into their life, because those that do, often don’t realize that true value of money, or what money actually even is. So they don’t respect what it does for them.

This is why Getting Rich has such a weird stereotype sometimes. And it’s why I challenge you to question that if the words “Get Rich” make you uneasy.

Any self made entrepreneur that I have ever met in my life has been extremely humble.


Because self made people realize the value of money. They were likely broke as shit at one point in their life, and they realize what it is like to be that way. In other words, they can relate. And that keeps them humble.

How are you expressing humility in your life and business today?

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  • Aaron Reply

    Excellent is a good word! Vision is definitely key as well as a challenge but an important one.
    Thanks for the thoughts

  • Matthew Neer Reply

    Thanks for the comment brah!

    Vision is where the nectar lies. :)

  • Justin Reply

    Wow–thanks for sharing your stories and advice, Mathew

  • Matthew Neer Reply

    You’re welcome! :)

  • Gina Reply

    “Order and Prosperity are homies. So are chaos and poverty.” Need to tidy up a bit :-)

  • Matthew Neer Reply

    Ahh yes! That was a big one for me.

    That also goes hand in hand with the vacuum law of prosperity. Which basically means, nature fills empty spaces with stuff, like your footprints on a beach or in the snow.

    Therefore, getting rid of old crap in your house, car, etc will make room for new stuff to enter your life.

    Then keep it clean! 😉

  • James Reply

    This is excellent. I understand that when you have a clear vision and goal that the law of attraction kicks in and when opportunities come your way you can follow up and experience the results you wanted.

  • Matthew Neer Reply

    Hell yeah James!

    The Law Of Attraction works in mysterious ways sometimes. But it’s powerful man. Just remember that turning the rudder of a boat only changes it’s direction while it’s moving. 😉

    AKA, take massive action and adjust along the way.

  • Rochelle Reply

    These keys are excellent. Good Wisdom..

  • Matthew Neer Reply

    Thanks Rochelle! Appreciate ya! :)

  • manny Reply

    i feel that this is my calling. every step clicked in me man. ive never had anything and yet i see myself in greatness

  • Matthew Neer Reply

    I believe in you Manny.

  • Luc Van de Steeg Reply

    Cool Tips on having your mind set the right way, I guess you just do follow one path and not be afraid of money

  • Matthew Neer Reply

    Hey Luc,

    The head stuff about money is what hangs a lot of people up. That’s the #1 thing you gotta focus on overcoming as an entrepreneur. The mechanics are easy. We cover all that stuff on the blog. It’s the mindset that unlocks wealth.

  • Geni Paisley Reply

    Definitely all solid points and I believe in every one of them. You can’t go wrong by following this outline.

  • Matthew Neer Reply

    Awesome Geni! Thanks so much! :)

  • Robbie Reply

    This is a fantastic way of looking at life and what you need to do or not do to get things done.

  • Matthew Neer Reply

    Thanks Robbie. It’s the path my friend. And as entrepreneurs, we have no choice but to walk it.

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