257 EPIC Email Subject Lines That Work

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As an Internet Marketer, you probably send thousands of emails a week, if not more. And one of the biggest problems is always coming up with fresh email subject lines to send out each and every day. Especially ones that you have never used before. Because as we all know, the hardest part of email marketing, is actually getting your emails opened.

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate collection of email subject lines that we have personally used to generate open rates of over 5% to 10% and beyond.

Emails Subject Lines Galore!

  2. holy crap!
  3. this actually works! (frankly, I’m shocked)
  4. this is pretty funny :-)
  5. Re: Friends Name Diagnosed With “incurable disease”
  6. this is funny (not about marketing)
  7. do NOT buy from this website.
  8. (FINALLY) New video on the blog for you.
  9. a blatant pitch (that you should open NOW)
  10. new video (with special guest!)
  11. Cool free stuff
  12. no clue what you’re talking about. (problem?)
  13. cheat sheet :-)
  14. this is damn good. (and news about Tijuana Slim!)
  15. a blatant sales pitch (again!)
  16. …typical (fortunately)
  17. I have totally hooked you up.
  18. (totally sweet) new video from me
  19. more cool free stuff (yeah baby!)
  20. Don’t make this mistake
  21. we have a problem (serious)
  22. I declare SHENANIGANS.
  23. Hey …
  24. (embarassing video) dude in a dress, gangtsa rap, and special effects.
  25. The hookup (for you).
  26. traffic-getting system (and an important DISCLAIMER)
  27. More cool stuff for you (from ya boy)
  28. WATCH THIS :-)
  29. (friends only) here’s your early link
  30. This is awesome.
  31. (if you’re into this type of thing…)
  32. GET THIS
  33. this should be cool (sorry for the late notice)
  34. IMPORTANT (new video on blog)
  35. Peckerheads (and how NOT to be one :-)
  36. Please open immediately (very important)
  37. [MUST SEE] this is the best pitch I’ve ever seen.
  38. an incredible (free) resource
  39. Why i’m all “weirded out”
  40. to hell with those guys.
  41. (NEW!) Random act of coolness :-)
  42. (NEW!) We’re *NOT* gonna take it …anymore.
  44. the FLAW in my system. (doh!)
  45. BREAKING NEWS (I am totally hooking you up.)
  46. UPDATE :-)
  47. think you’ll like this
  48. The Silver Fox, Surgery, and More!
  49. when video goes horribly wrong 😉
  50. the FLAW in my system. (doh!)
  51. New FTC stuff (what they’re not telling you)
  52. brand new video on the blog (how to find something to sell)
  53. new case study and cool new opportunity
  54. Watch this
  55. Hot diggity!
  56. YAY! (latent insanity for fun and profit…)
  57. Stop, Thief!
  58. Please read (interesting test results)
  59. Some great stuff…
  60. Get this
  61. Uncle MoFo and the Maharishi (strange but true)
  62. Important (from my lawyer)
  63. this is like CHEATING.
  64. getting midieval on the FTC
  65. How to get a B.A.L. – (plus SCANDAL!)
  66. watch this (new video on the blog)
  67. Interesting…
  68. SURPRISE! (I am totally hooking you up.)
  69. FTC Christmas Cards 😉
  70. This is a good deal
  71. is this weird? (blog post)
  72. my “impusle problem” 😉
  73. OK, I admit it.
  74. I NEED YOUR ADVICE (please :-)
  75. YOUR RESULTS (please don’t share)
  76. Check it out
  77. TERRIBLE MISTAKE (barely missed this)
  78. this is a GREAT video (funny too)
  79. please read this.
  81. FINALLY…
  82. Good news …very good news.
  86. Please read this :-)
  87. Good will, respect, and appreciation :-)
  88. cool mind map for traffic-getting
  89. IMPORTANT (more cool stuff from me :-)
  90. WATCH THIS :-)
  92. That was AWESOME!
  93. Here’s my phone number
  94. HERE’S THE CATCH (inside dirt) CONTROVERSY
  95. The single biggest money-getting secret ever. secret link
  96. URGENT (Secret Link Being Pulled)
  97. Google PUBLICLY admits FEAR. (video)
  98. The dumbest thing I ever did.
  99. SURPRISE :-)
  100. this is damn good
  101. Re: Your download link (new PDF from YOUR NAME)
  102. how to get rich (ONE SENTENCE)
  103. “EMERGENCY” plan
  104. IMPORTANT (please read)
  105. best business EVER.
  106. drunken weirdo gets free money. (Case Study!) open up (trash talking)
  107. you gotta love this…
  108. this was hard to believe
  109. good things in life are free?
  110. truth telling…
  111. making me look bad
  112. first things first
  113. the CHOPPER VIDEO
  114. riding into the sunset
  115. sweaty dudes (and money!)
  116. how to look like an IDIOT (and other useful tips!) Get this PDF [google report]
  117. Secret Codes.
  118. Let’s cut the crap here.
  119. Test Results (please read)
  120. You missed this (cool stuff from me)
  121. Try it now [free]
  122. I need your help (please)
  123. Evil Scheme Warning
  124. what an IDIOT
  125. BREAKING NEWS (new stuff from me)
  126. FYI
  127. CLOSING SOON (open up)
  128. worst sales letter EVER (just awful)
  129. did HELL just freeze over??
  130. weirdness from google.
  131. this book I’ve been reading
  132. the wonderful wonderful wiz
  133. the million dollar caveman
  134. see it appear before your eyes
  135. your assignment
  136. rookie mistake
  137. send an email for me?
  138. IRON MAN
  139. aaaaaaaawesoooooome
  140. Game Changer
  141. the $33,000 “glitch”
  142. The story I don’t tell…
  143. this waitress Amy…
  144. trust vs. money
  145. magic ring
  147. LOOK.
  148. Iron Man’s weak spot
  149. cartoons & popcorn
  150. A DIGITAL HUG :-)
  151. Sam’s Story
  152. cash in THIS WEEK ONLY
  153. know what today is?
  154. scary skunks
  155. still awake (sort of?)
  156. “we didn’t tell a soul”…
  157. One of the few “must-haves” I’ve seen
  158. My Sincere Apologies…
  159. I’m on the phone waiting for you…
  160. More pure gold for you…
  161. We’ve had enough!
  162. I need your help, it will only take a few seconds
  163. absolute must see case studies
  164. THE Solution You’ve Been Looking For…
  165. how i lost everything
  166. Your wish is granted
  167. Without this you don’t have anything…
  168. you asked for it, you got it!
  169. Why it’s not fair
  170. Just plain awesome
  171. Time to clean about something
  172. blood-spewing mayhem
  173. criminal activity
  174. *sharp* Warning
  175. bad news
  176. uh oh… you’re on the naughty list
  177. oops i messed up (beta testers wanted)
  178. wakey wakey dude! lol
  179. emergency phone call
  180. kindergarten cash?
  181. cabin fever strikes me…
  182. naughty naughty
  183. thanks for nothing
  184. nightmare horror story
  185. how on earth?!
  186. something’s wrong
  187. epic fail
  188. stuck need help
  189. sad news
  190. internet’s most wanted
  191. honest marketing
  192. the amazing newbies hero…
  193. and the winner is…
  194. can you help?
  195. how do you know if somebody’s really your friend? knock knock
  196. Re: URGENT Monday Message
  197. big trouble
  198. bit of friday fun
  199. critical error
  200. i need a YES or NO please
  201. did you get that money yet?
  202. please stop
  203. not happy
  204. for newbies only
  205. homeless kid makes $71,805…
  206. did you forget? :-)
  207. uh oh
  208. i’m lovin’ it…
  209. show me the money
  210. breaking news
  211. omg!
  212. wax on, wax off
  213. dirty expletives
  214. do not abuse this
  215. Re: where were you?
  216. it’s not your fault (NEW video)
  217. free tactic that makes sales
  218. omg – i’m giving this away
  219. desperate plea from bottom of my heart
  220. dangerous and *uncensored*
  221. attacked by raging customer
  222. shizzle my nizzle
  223. did you get my email?
  224. barely legal
  225. dirty blackmail trick
  226. is this even legal?
  227. uh oh…
  228. fingers at the ready (10 minutes to go!)
  229. flaming balls of *CONTROVERSY*
  230. why weekends suck and Mondays rule…
  231. how long can you hold your breath?
  232. about death
  233. 7 things i really suck at…
  234. haha you gotta be kidding me!
  235. if you only click ONE link in 2014…
  236. this is a disaster
  237. black cloud of doom
  238. the death of information overload…
  239. uh oh, this is bad
  240. you should ignore your friends..
  241. your mission is..
  242. i love you but..
  243. what number am i thinking of?
  244. how to cheat at marketing
  245. the gold rush is on (your shovel’s inside)..
  246. snoop with me this weekend..
  247. you can run but you can’t hide..
  248. are you nervous about today?
  249. what are friends for?
  250. your family and friends hate you..
  251. i wish i had this..
  252. Too valuable to last?
  253. i suck at marketing
  254. are they insane?
  255. i wanna hold your hand
  256. i have a dream..
  257. cripes it’s been a long time

The Final Word

If you enjoyed these awesome email subject lines, then please give a big thank you to Frank Kern & the posse for giving so much inspiration that went into these. Since you benefitted from them, maybe you should pay it forward and share this post with your friends on Facebook or Twitter? Or both?

Now go forth young grasshoppa and use your new found email subject lines to their maximum!

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