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How’s it hangin’ ladies and gentlemen?

I wanted to create this blog post (and video) today because there is just no substitute for owning your own shit.

What do I mean by such a statement?

It’s this.

There are probably a million other blogging services that you can use to power your domain name and make blogging easier, faster, more powerful and more efficient. But there is just something incredibly sexy about owning your own blog. And when I say own, I mean that you have your own hosting account with your own domain name.

Cause the truth is, no matter what someone tells you, if you don’t own it, they can take it away should they get mad at what you write about. It’s lame but true.

How I Lost 5 Years Of Content Overnight

And around $3K/mo In Personal Income

This is somewhat of a blogging horror story because I had been blogging on since 2009 and I had over 360+ posts on that sucker. Maybe more? I can’t remember how many the last time I checked.

Now this blog had all kinds of rad content upon it’s pages.

It was getting between 10K and 25K hits per month, making me affiliate commissions, and ranking for just about anything I keyword targeted.

Then overnight it was gone…

Some dude hacked my shit.

Ripped my files off the web. And the blog was gone just about as fast as you could say ASSTASTIC. (that’s also my bank account password)

So, ya boy had an income stream and traffic source ripped out from underneath his feat. :(

Matthew Neer Get’s Bitch Slapped Again

And Loses More Money From HubPages

And yet again, my hard word of producing content was ripped out from under me.

I used to write A TON of articles over on HubPages (how dare i link to them) when they rose to power. I capitalized on their massive growth trend and wrote articles targeting affiliate related deals almost every single day for a year straight. That’s actually how I made my first sale online 😉

So, I dunno how many articles I had on this bad boy, but it was a lot, and they were making me AdSense checks every single month. They were generating me 50-100 leads per day, and they were making me affiliate commissions almost daily.

HubPages becomes corporate and receive the “Stick In Ass” syndrome.

Basically what that means is, they got so big, high AND mighty, that they started pulling accounts that had nothing but affiliate links in them. So naturally, being the hustler that I am, that’s ALL I had over there, making my account a hot item to get popped right away. And that’s exactly what happened. GONE.

And I had articles on HubPages that had over 100K views. WTF yo?

How To Start A Blog FAST!

And Avoid All The Bullshit…

So, as you can probably guess, it’s important to own your content and keep it secure.

That’s why, while blogging on other platforms can get you success faster, like it did for me, you need to have your own stuff going on with your OWN domain and your OWN hosting account so that no one can take it away from you. Or get mad when you start makin’ loot.

Here’s what I recommend you do.

Watch this video and see exactly how to setup a blog under 10 minutes or less.

There you have it, an easy, inexpensive blog you created in just 10 minutes or less! Way to go!

Now the next step is to take that blog and create massive content around all the things you are most passionate about in your life, and share them with the world, and get paid to do it.

There is nothing cooler than creating a traffic asset for yourself that will pay you for many years to come.

That is how we become free my friends! :)

Resources You Need To Get Started

#1. Domain Name & Hosting

Get Host Gator here (remember use coupon code: digitalbankroll for 25% off)

#2. Premium WordPress Themes

I mean, let’s be real, you want the ultimate sex appeal on your blog possible. Elegant Themes will give you that, and then some. They have great functionality, are easily customizable, and they it’s like $40 bucks for over 100 themes? Crazy deal.

Get Elegant Themes here right now.

#3. Divine Intervention

LOL! Sorry that was inappropriate.

But it’s kinda true, because that’s how I feel sometimes when I can’t come up with sick ideas for blog posts. It’s like God has to reach his big cloudy hand down and bitch slap me cross the face a few times before I can manifest the nectar that my blog needs to hear about!

All kidding aside, ya really gotta have some AWESOME ideas for content that will get you shares and syndication from others. Cause if there is one thing I’ve learned about blogging, it’s that you need to write for people, instead of the search engines. BIG ONE!


Don’t be lame and exist out of Digital Bankroll without taking mad action on getting your own blog setup man! What ya doin’? haha

I just showed ya EXACTLY how to do it in less than 10min, follow those steps, get it initiated, and then proceed to get money!

Love ya,
Matthew Neer





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Matthew Neer
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