How To Make Money Online Right Now – The Ultimate Beginners Step By Step Guide

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Hello and welcome to a blog post that could change your life, if you let it.

If you found this page, then you are certainly looking for a way to make money online from home, and you probably have no idea how to start because there is so much conflicting information out there. I am making it my goal right now to eliminate all the guess work and give you a clear path to creating a passive income stream from home. And income stream that is independent from location, and from time, so you will be free to do whatever it is that you truly love in life.

After all, that’s why we start businesses in the first place 😉

The ONLY 3 Make Money Online Models

Are You A Vendor, Affiliate Or Publisher?


#1. VENDOR: Sell Your Own Product

As a product vendor in the marketplace, you now have the ability to sell your own products for 100% commissions. This is ideal. You want to become a vendor, but not every one can at first. To become a product vendor, you must have a piece of specialized knowledge that you can package into a membership site and sell access to over and over again.

We are commonly mislead online that the only way to sell your own product online is to sell a product teaching others how to sell their own products! lol Or something of the like. This is not true.

“In fact, if that’s how you want you envisioned coming into this industry, then you are likely in store for loads of failure cause fact of the matter is, you cannot teach people how to make money online, without ever having made any money online yourself!”

That would be like a fat person giving you weight loss advice. (you probably shouldn’t take it seriously)

There are all kinds of ways you can make a ton of money online without having to teach others how to make money. A great example of that would be the site Fifty To Zero, which is a youth football coaching program.

Basically the coach has a great winning record with his team, and therefore people want to know how he does that. So the idea then became “How can you package that?” …the answer? Football plays!

Yeah! When someone buys that product, they get all of Coach Christi’s best plays that lead him to multiple championships for his youth football team.

Do you see why that makes sales?

Because a result was created. A result that other people want to achieve, and then you package exactly how that result was created and sell access to it. This is what you must create in your life, in some way, shape, form or another.

Ask yourself, “What kind of specialized knowledge do I posses?” What have been doing your whole life that you are the best at? What do you know more about than anyone else? Because chances are, the answer to that question, will give you the niche you need to get into.

However, if you got nothin’, never fear! The next section is for you.


#2. AFFILIATE: Sell Someone Else’s Product

You sell some one else’s product for commissions. Typically commissions on affiliate products range anything from 30% to 70%. If you get less than that, it’s probably a physical product, or it’s lame. If you get more, pay attention.

This is always my advice to people who DO NOT have any specialized knowledge to package and sell, or that can’t figure out how to do it…

Become an affiliate.

And get really good at mastering how to ring the cash register. Because that is a skill that anyone can learn, and once mastered, will allow you to create money at will. Learning affiliate marketing will also teach you the game of online business, how everything works, and it will create results for you to leverage later on when you are finally ready to create your own information product and sell it as a vendor.

I recommend every one start here. It will teach you how to become a great marketer through failing, and by dropping you little bread crumbs of success along the way to the ginger bread house. And believe me, that ginger bread tastes damn good!

You can become an affiliate of thousands of products in hundreds of niches at today.

Online agreement

#3. PUBLISHER: Create Content, Sell Advertising

You create traffic through publishing content and sell advertising space. This route of making money online is probably best suited for the creative person who doesn’t want to deal much with the business to business end of things but is really creative.

A great example of earning money through publishing content would be this very site. We create traffic through posting highly valuable content that genuinely helps people out a lot, and then we sell advertising space to cool business owners who have products and services targeted towards the people who visit Digital Bankroll.

When you get that each pixel on your website has value, and that you can monetize it at a rate of about $1.00 per 2,000 visitors, the formula to making money off your blog only becomes a question of traffic, and how much can you get?

The ONLY 2 Ways To Generate Traffic Online?

And The ONE That You Need To Use


Obviously, at this point in the conversation, it is a matter of getting traffic to your website. The more you get, the more money you will be able to generate. So the question is, how do you generate infinite amounts of traffic?

Still Need A Website? CLICK HERE

There are only TWO ways to generate traffic.

Traffic Method #1: TIME

This method is recommended if you do not have any money for an advertising budget. And a lot of times it’s what people are forced into when they come online in search of Internet riches.

I was.

When I started back in 2009, I have absolutely ZERO money. So I was forced into doing free methods of marketing like blogging, SEO, article marketing, social media, youtube video, etc. Anything I could get my hands on to generate free traffic was tried and tested.

I call this method time, because if you’re broke, you most likely have a shit load of time on your hands. So get to work you lazy ass! Hahah!

In business, you always want to leverage what you have the most of. Like make the best of the resources available to you, or play the best hand with the cards you were dealt. Starting an online business is no different. Leverage your time if you got it.

Here are some of the best places to generate free traffic.

• Blogging With WordPress
• Facebook
• Warrior Forum (make money niche only)
• YouTube
• Article Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Twitter

Traffic Method #2: MONEY

If you have an advertising budget, it’s simple as following the T + L x C = $ Formula outlined inside the Fast Cash Flow Formula to create more wealth, faster than you could shake a stick at.

Now, if that was true, why isn’t everyone rich? (good question)

Because advertising dollars also take time to scale. This is getting into the world of building sales funnels, and that is something we will have to save for another time because it’s a BIG conversation. However, when you are buying ads, there are lots of variables involved that can lead to your success or failure.

Things like the type of traffic you are buying, the squeeze page that traffic hits, how the squeeze page converts that traffic into leads, how your sales page converts leads into sales, and how your back end sales process is to upsell your best customers a deeper level of service.

That’s A LOT of stuff to understand and will most likely confuse the crap out of you. Good.

Being confused means that you’re growing. That you are learning.

Here are some of my favorite traffic generations methods.

• Solo Ads
• Bing Ads
• Facebook Ads
• Classified Ads

The Fastest Way To Make Money Online. PERIOD.


I promised you I would reveal how to make money online. And here is by far the fastest possible way I have yet discovered.

STEP 1: Find an affiliate product. Get your affiliate link.

STEP 2: Send email blast to affiliate link.

STEP 3: Cash checks at the bank.

It’s literally that simple.

If you don’t have an email list yet, you can buy a solo ad and send that traffic to a squeeze page so you can build one. Then you place your affiliate offer on the other side you can cash make a few sales on the traffic you send through your squeeze page.

Make money AND build a list all in one. B-E-A-utiful.

You see why I say buying an ad is cool now?

Cause you can do that kind of stuff with ads.

Of course, you can also do that stuff with free marketing strategies as well, it just takes a longer amount of time to build up the traffic to see the kind of instant results you can with paid traffic and buying ads.

Pick your poison my friend. And stick to it.

How Do I Get Started Making Money Today?

What Kind Of Tools Are Required?


Well, you gonna need a few things my friend.

There are some essentials we use to create that autopilot cash flow everyone talks about round here.

So let’s list them off.



Think of this as the address and location of your house. If someone was going to send you some mail, they need to know which city and state you live in, plus physical address to the house where you reside. That’s what a domain name & hosting do for you.

Now there are literally hundreds of great options for you to chose from. However, most of them require technical setup, especially if you want to create a WordPress blog just like this one. To do that, you need to have a PHD to FTP your websites HTML up on to the Internet. lol In other words, it can get tricky.

I dunno about you, but I’d rather not hassle with setting up WordPress, configuring all its settings, and messing with all that other FTP mumbo jumbo. I’ll admit that  I did do it, and still do from time to time because I was forced to. Do I like doing it? Hell no. I outsource that stuff every chance that I get.

Which is why I’m going to give you the choice.

The Do It Yourselfer

If you want to get a hosting account, manually setup WordPress, figure out how to upload your “themes”, and configure all the right plugins, then we recommend Host Gator for all your hosting needs. It’s literally like $5.00 bucks per month. However, you will have to set everything up.

=> Click Here To Use Host Gator

The Done For You

If you want to get a hosting account with WordPress preinstalled and even have a custom built website designed specifically for you, then we would recommend going with Purely Hosting & Innovative Site Creations. In fact, we even have a special offer created just for Digital Bankroll readers with a huge discount.

=> Click Here For Your Special Hosting Discount


Autoresponder GetResponse

An autoresponder is how you will build your email list. When people opt in to your squeeze pages, they will get deposited into your autoresponder. Then, Get Response, the autoresponder service we recommend you use, will allow your to broadcast them with a message any time you want.

So at first, your list will be very small, a few people. But as it grows into thousands and tens of thousands like ours, imagine the power you have at your finger tips to simply write an email, include an affiliate link and blast it out to your list?

That’s cash flow homie!

Just remember that with great power, comes great responsibility.

The ability to communicate with hundreds to thousands of people at a moments notice is something you should take very seriously and treat with respect.



Now that you have your autoresonder setup, you’ll need an effective way to collect leads, aka email addresses, so you can start marketing products and services to them that they would be interested in. And you need a squeeze page system that will convert.

We have created a service that goes perfectly with your WordPress blog called InstaSqueeze.

This is a piece of software that we had created which builds squeeze pages in 90 seconds or less guaranteed. It’s super quick effective to get the job done as fast as possible and give you a high converting lead capture page done for you.



When someone opts into your Squeeze Page, you need to give them the opportunity to buy something from you. Because if you never do, you will never have the chance to make any money. Pure and simple. Make sense?

The best place to find affiliate products to promote is on because there are thousands of products to chose from in all kinds of different niches. Just make sure you keep it on target with the type of traffic you will be generating. For instance, you would NOT want to buy or generate traffic about weight loss and send it to a page about making money.

It would not be congruent and therefore, would not work!

Perfect Traffic + Perfect Offer = Cash Flow  😉

Remember that.

So pick an offer that works well for you, then get your affiliate link ready and add it to your followup emails via Get Response.



Where will you send traffic from?

Will you buy an ad or will you generate free traffic with YouTube, Facebook or Blogging?

Or will you buy an advertisement in the form of a solo ad or perhaps a banner ad?

Make your decision, send traffic, get leads, and make money!

If you’re looking to send traffic through paid advertising, then I would consider finding a sweet affiliate offer that is going to send you good commissions, get your link and promote that. Maybe buy a banner ad or something?

To Bring Things Full Circle

If this was your first exposure to making money online, then your head is probably spinning, like mine was when I first discovered Internet Marketing.But that’s a good thing. Let me take a moment to clarify how everything flows.

Your blog is the centralized hub of information. It what all your traffic sources point to, whatever those maybe. If you have a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, etc, they are all a means to generate traffic back to your blog. Even paid ads, SEO that you do, and everything. It all drives back to the blog.

Then, once you have the traffic, you setup systems to capture your visitors information, like an email address, so you can followup and keep sending them back to your site every time you have new content. We use InstaSqueeze to make our squeeze pages, and we use Get Response to database our leads and broadcast to them.

Once you start building that email list, you can start monetizing in all kinds of different ways. You can sell your own products, you can sell affiliate products, or you could drive them back to your main blog site. The choice is yours, and so is the power.


Matthew Neer
After being abducted by aliens, Matthew was dropped back onto his skateboard where he had a massive vision to empower the people through Digital Bankroll and the knowledge he releases here on this very blog. He hopes you enjoy his teachings and laugh at his corny jokes.
Matthew Neer
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    WE RIDE!

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