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With the Internet becoming as big as it has over the past few years, you’ve probably had a few online business ideas that you’ve either tried to, or want to pursue. But with some much competition out there, you must know exactly what you’re doing, what’s profitable, have a solid marketing plan, and literally attack your idea FULL FORCE to carve out a niche for yourself and get paid extremely well for it.

Below, is a list of the top 13 online business ideas we believe will yield the most profit for you, but much more importantly, are the most fun businesses to run online.

#1. Blogging

Starting a blog is one of the easiest, inexpensive, and fastest ways to start building an online business that earns you passive income. I like to use a lovely piece of software called WordPress that does all the hard stuff for me. In fact, that’s what Digital Bankroll runs on today. Blogs can start attracting a huge amount of traffic very quickly, then you can monetize in all kinds of cool ways.

Ways To Monetize

• Google AdSense
• Sell banner advertising
• Affiliate Marketing products on Amazon or Clickbank
• Sell Guest Posts

Real Life Examples

The Huffington Post

This website started from very humble beginnings and now boasts monthly earnings over $2.3 Million and growing with page views at over 1 billion just in the United States alone. Once The Huffington Post grew its traffic to such large volume, they partnered with AOLs PPC network, from which anyone can advertise with, like Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

#2. Dropshipping

This became very popular with the rise of eBay. Essentially this is arbitrage, and you can make a hefty profit from it. What you can do is become an affiliate for Amazon.com and earn a commission every time someone buys through your link. Once you have those links, you can list Amazon’s items for sale on places like eBay at a slight markup. The beauty of this is that Amazon delivers the product, cuts you a commission, and handles all the customer service for you. All you have to do is create the listings for in demand items people already want to buy.

Ways To Monetize

• Affiliate Commissions
• Markup

Real Life Examples

If you do a search on eBay for a common item, you will likely find someone dropshipping that product, or you might find affiliate links to Amazon or another retailer. Do a little bit of research on eBay to see what might be a hot seller for you!

#3. Domaining

You can buy and sell domains names for a huge profit. Domains cost like $10 bucks to register, yet could be sold for thousands, even millions of dollars. Once you have a domain name that you believe is valuable or that someone would pay a lot of money for, you can list it for sale on the Sedo.com marketplace.

Ways To Monetize

• You get paid from the sale of the domain.

Real Life Examples

Sex.com sold for $13 Million dollars in 2010. Hotels.com sold for $11 Million in 2001. Even longer domain names like GamesForGirls.com sold for $500,000 in 2011. The opportunity is all around you.

#4. Affiliate Marketing

This model is very appealing because you never have to deal with product creation, customer support, business to business relationships, or any of that stuff. All you do is deliver the sale and collect your commission. You can sell physical goods as an affiliate and get commissions from sites like Amazon and Commission Junction, but I prefer to sell digital products because they have a higher profit margin, often 50% to 70% commissions.

Ways To Monetize

• Revenue from product sales

Real Life Examples

Clickbank.com is the worlds largest retailer of digitally distributed goods, and after paying out over $2 billion dollars in commissions to its affiliates, it’s the place to be.

#5. iPhone Apps

With the boom of the mobile smart phone, iPhone apps have become a huge industry. If you have a sweet idea for an iPhone or Android app, you can easily hire a programmer from Freelancer.com to get the job done for a few hundred bucks.

Ways To Monetize

• Sell in app advertising
• Google AdSense for mobile
• App sales revenue

Real Life Examples

Famous hit games like Angry Birds made over $200 million dollars in just 2012 alone. Other famous apps like iFart have gone on to report earnings of over $10,000 dollars per day, all from banner ad revenue. Pretty amazing for such a simple, easy to create idea. Will your app be next?

#6. YouTube Videos

In the past few years, YouTube has grown rapidly. The site now has over 4 BILLION videos being watched per day. That is an INSANE amount of traffic for one website to be getting, and its opportunity for you to soak that up and make money from it. If you’ve got something to say, YouTube is the place to put it. Never before in the history of the world, has the average person been able to create a TV show from the phone in their pocket and have it watched by thousands.

Ways to Monetize

• Google AdSense for YouTube
• Sell your own product in the description box
• Sell affiliate products in the description box

Real Life Examples

YouTube stars are all over the place! You seen them! Maybe you follow iJustine? Or maybe Michelle Phan’s makeup tutorials are more your style? Do you eat raw foods, cause maybe you follow Dan The Life Regenerator. My point is, no matter the niche, there is someone in that niche making YouTube videos about their passions and getting paid 6 and even 7 figures for it.

#7. Facebook Fanpage

Do you spend too much time on Facebook like the rest of society? If you are guilty, you should be making money from your time spent there. We’ve created multiple niche fan page businesses that that go viral, create thousands of hungry fans, while we do nothing more than post a few pictures to the fan pages per day. Some of the easiest money you could ever make. The idea is to pick a super targeted niche, post photos, videos and other updates a few times per day. The fans share the content within Facebook driving hundreds to thousands of new visitors to your page, where you can then monetize with a variety of different methods.

Ways To Monetize

• Affiliate Marketing
• Tee Shirt Sales (we’ve had a lot of success with this one)

Real Life Examples

We’ve built viral Facebook Fan Pages in multiple niches that continue to grow completely hands off. You can do a search on Facebook for just about any niche and find a fan page authority right away. Go find the one in your niche and study how they work the page.

#8. Virtual Assistant

If ya need some ‘right now’ money, you can always find work doing secretarial type tasks via email or skype. There are thousands of entrepreneurs who will hire you to do basic work for them, like replying to customer service emails, scheduling meetings, or managing another tedious part of their online business. This is also a great way to get an inside look at the online empire you wish to build, by seeing how one already works from the inside out.

Ways To Monetize

• Hourly pay
• Paid per task completion

Real Life Examples

There are thousands of people who work from home and get paid a good $15 to $25 dollars an hour to help out an online business with all sorts of easy tasks. You’ll likely find that customer service emails are a huge one, so is data entry. Not really the idea of a true entrepreneurial venture, but I thought I’d include it because everyone needs to cover the base somehow, and this beats showing up to a desk job all day.

#9. Ghost Writing

Are you a good writer? If so, you can get paid very well to do freelance writing gigs. Ghosting Writing basically means that you will be creating all kinds of interesting pieces of content for people depending on the gig. They could have you ghost write and ebook, a real book, or even a blog post. A good starting rate to charge would be around $10 per 100 words. And scale from there as you get a better portfolio.

Ways To Monetize

• Paid commission per gig you complete
• Scale pay as your skills grow

Real Life Examples

Ghost Writing gigs can be found almost anywhere online with a simple Google search, or you can check on the Freelancer marketplace for any active jobs. You could have your first Ghost Writing gig booked within just a few minutes from right now and have money in your PayPal account.

#10. Graphic Design

Are you good with Photoshop? Because if you have graphic skills, there is no reason for you to be broke. That is a highly paid skill you should be marketing right now. You could take on private clients, or if you are really crafty, you’d bust out a whole templated graphic pack and sell access to it over and over again on a site like Graphics River or other marketplaces.

Ways To Monetize

• Client pays you
• Sales of your graphic template

Real Life Examples

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a top notch graphics pack just so I could have it later when I needed it. These kind of things are an impulse buy and therefore make for a REALLY good market, that’s if you’re selling a package. And if you are, head on over to Graphic River and sort by top selling to see what works. If you are doing work for a client, then you’ll need to

#11. Network Marketing

Despite what you may think, MLM companies and home based businesses are not all scams. There are hundreds of great companies out there waiting to send you big fat commission checks. In fact, it was Network Marketing that lead me to Internet Marketing way back in the day, so that’s why I always show the industry some love. And I believe that it’s a great way for the beginner to start selling right away, without having to deal with product creation, customer service and all that other stuff. It’s like being an affiliate and a vendor at the same time, but without having to worry about any of the typical problems or headache associated with each.

Ways To Monetize

• Commissions from product sales
• Commissions from new affiliate recruitment
• Commissions from affiliates you recruit

Real Life Examples

There is a Network Marketing company in just about every single niche you could think of, from personal development to fitness & nutrition, to information product, to candles and everything in between. It truly is a wild industry with wacky products from all walks of life, and if the right opportunity falls into your lap, maybe you should jump on it?

#12. Site Flipping

There is a website called Flippa where you can buy/sell websites. Think of it like eBay, but for websites and domain names. You have an absolutely amazing opportunity to purchase websites already making an income, that you can either further develop, or put back on the marketplace and sell for a bigger profit. A lot of times on Flippa, marketers will be selling off web properties so they can get a quick lump sum of cash, so often times, you get a GREAT deal.

Ways To Monetize

• You get paid when you sell your website
• You get paid from profits website is already producing

Real Life Examples

No explanation is really needed here, just head on over to Flippa.com and see for yourself. There are thousands of websites listed for sale every day that are already producing revenue. And you can simply just cherry pick from the best.

#13. eCommerce Store

You could start your own eCommerce store like Jack Threads or Zappos where you sell physical goods. I’m not a super big fan of eCommerce business models because I don’t want warehouses full of crap sittin’ around! lol. But it is a very powerful business model that can make you a lot of money if that’s your thing.

Ways To Monetize

• Product sales!

Real Life Examples

I am especially fond of Jack Threads because of how they run this “Flash Sale” business model. They negotiate deals with all the hottest brands out there, buy up a bulk of them for a huge discount, then send an email blast to their exclusive invite only members that “only 500 of these hoodies will be sold” and the sell out like crazy every single time they do it. Most definitely something to model in eCommerce.

Final Thoughts

There is A LOT that we covered in this post, and it’s main goal was to stimulate your brain into thinking of new ways that you can make money online selling all kinds of different things or leveraging all kinds of different skills. I believe that there is no reason for anyone to work a J.O.B. anymore, and if you stick around and keep reading this blog, I think you’ll find that will become a reality faster than you know.

As I talk about much more in depth in the How To Get Rich post on Digital Bankroll, you’ll learned the basics of what it takes to make money online. Also be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide To Making Money Online if you haven’t yet. It will teach ya what ya need to know!

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