Top 3 Techniques For Creating An Avalanche Of Lead Generation

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If you have an online business, you’ve quickly realized that you require a steady flow of fresh leads in order to make a predictable amount of sales on a daily basis. Leads are the life blood of any business, without them, you don’t have one.

Right now, I will share with you my top 3 techniques for creating an avalanche of lead generation in your business at the flip of a switch.

Let’s dive in.

Lead Generation Tip #1. Solo Ads

You gotta love yourself some solo ads. This is by far the FASTEST method to get traffic that I have found to date online. The reason why is because you are essentially purchasing a mailing from another marketers email list. It’s similar to getting them to do an affiliate promotion for you, except you are paying by the click, instead of rev share.

You buy the ad. They blast their list. You get hundreds of leads in minutes. POWERFUL.

That’s why I love solo ads. And if you know how to optimize your shit properly. You will be able to convert about 50% of the traffic that hits your squeeze page into leads, and then if you’re a good salesman, or you have a good affiliate offer or funnel in place, you should make around $1.00 EPC (earnings per click) or greater.

This is good because you buy solos at around $0.30 to $0.60 cents per click, therefore, if you profit $1.00 EPC, you make money.

Soon, you will come to learn that clicks are currency in the Internet Marketing world. The more clicks you can send per day, the more money you can make.

Where Do You Buy Solo Ads?

We conveniently offer a solo ad service here at Digital Bankroll.

If your ad is approved, you will be able to purchase a mailing to our list of biz opp subscribers. These people are interested in anything having to do with making money online from SEO, to Network Marketing, and anything in between.

If you’re looking to test a new funnel or generate a ton of leads in a single day, this is a great service for you.

There are also other places where you can buy solo ads at great rates. One of those places we would recommend is Safe Swaps. Essentially that is a community of solo ad sellers and swappers where you can go and place your ad.

Lead Generation Tip #2. Bing PPC

If you are not familiar with the term PPC, it stands for Pay Per Click marketing. This is how Google, Facebook, Bing and many other search networks make all of the billions of dollars. Yes, they make billions from little $0.25 cent clicks here and there all day.

But what’s revolutionary about PPC marketing is that you are able to place an ad upon a keyword specifically when someone is engaged in searching for EXACTLY what you are selling. And to sweeten the deal, you don’t even have to pay for that ad, unless they actually click on your ad and go to your website.

Do you see the power in that?

With Bing Ads, if I were to run traffic from their network to Digital Bankroll, I might bid on keywords like “make money online” or “internet marketing” if I was a beginner. And that would get me some initial results.

But that is not what the pros do. Once you learn a little bit about PPC, you’ll realize that you need to micro niche target your potential customers.

So in this case, I would bid on more niche keywords. Specifically things like this…

• Industry Systems
• Internet Gurus
• Best Selling Products


So you target those keywords specifically. Search volume on those are much lower, which results in a much high quality click. And in the long run, that makes YOU more money. You’re welcome.

Go wide with this strategy and you’ll have success.

Lead Generation Tip #3. SEO

For those that don’t speak Greek, that means Search Engine Optimization. Which is the art and science of ranking web pages at the top of Google.

Now, doing SEO usually takes a lot longer than the previous 2 strategies because it takes time for the search engines to find and rank your stuff. Patience is most definitely required here.

However, achieving a first page ranking for a keyword with high search volume is often considered the holy gray of traffic and lead generation because it will stay ranked in the search engines for months, or even years to come, bringing you endless amounts of passive traffic, leads ands sales.

Ain’t that a beautiful thing?

You can achieve fast rankings in Google and the other search engines if you follow The 5 Core Components Of On Page SEO to help you get there quicker.

With SEO, there are two main factors that give you your ranking.

On Page SEO: This includes things like using the keyword you want to rank for in the headlines, permalinks, images, etc. Basically just using common sense and making it clear what your particular post/page is about so Google can accurately index it.

Off Page SEO: These are all things that happen off your website and they typically include things like backlinks from article directories, social media sites, or any other content that links back into your site, effectively giving it a +1 vote in Google and the search engines.

What You Need To Do Next?

Chose. Pick a traffic strategy that sounds like it would vibe with you the most and run with that until you get results.

Then rinse and repeat until rich.

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