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If you’ve ever had more than 1 car in your lifetime, you’ll know that all cars ARE NOT made equally.

There’s a HUGE difference between a Kia and a BMW. The Kia’s engine might sound like a lawnmower when it accelerates, and the BMW like a black panther when it purrs.

The Kia probably has some kind of cloth interior and cheaply finished dash board with maybe an A Track or a CD player if you’re lucky. And the BMW? It will have all black leather interior with either woodgrain or carbon fiber dashboard, GPS, Bluetooth, panoramic moonroof, glass ceilings, and any other bells and whistles you can think of.


Because the BMW is a luxury vehicle.

Just like your blog will be after you finish purchasing all of the tools below.

We are not here to show you how to build some rinky dink blog that crumbles under the slightest influx of traffic. No.

We are here to show you how to build the sexiest damn blog, website or business you could possibly imagine. And therefore, we don’t use cheap parts. Get it?

At Digital Bankroll, we don’t build Kia’s. We build BMW’s.

Here are the tools we use to do it.


WordPress – The worlds largest open source blogging platform. Google loves WordPress and so do we. It makes things simple, easy and fast. Don’t worry about downloading it here, you can get it installed for free in the click of a button when you purchase a hosting package with Host Gator.

Elegant Themes – Some of the sexiest damn themes I have ever seen in my life. They come in all shapes and sizes and just 1 of them can spice your blog up like never before, but when you buy Elegant Themes today, you get over 100+ themes and templates.

Thesis Theme 2.0 – The ultimate WordPress framework. This is what Digital Bankroll runs on. And this is what we recommend you use if you want more customization options than something Elegant Themes would give you.


Host Gator – Extremely affordable Do It Yourself hosting option. If you are the type of person who wants cheap, effective and fast hosting and don’t mind setting a few things up, then Host Gator is for you. They will provide you with everything you need to get WordPress installed, and your blog running.

Be sure to watch our tutorial for a step by step walk through.

Purely Hosting – The Done For You hosting option. If you don’t want to mess with setting up any of the technical stuff AT ALL, this is the option for you. Purely Hosting is fast, effective, and even comes with your own prebuilt niche site installed WITH your hosting package for free. In fact, we’ve negotiated a special deal on your behalf. Click here to watch the video now.

Affiliate Networks & Merchant Processing

Clickbank – The worlds largest retailer of digitally distributed goods. Clickbank is a great place for intermediate to advanced marketers to list their products for sale. Yes, you do have to have your own product to be a vendor over at Clickbank, however you can also be an affiliate, and sell other peoples products for very hefty commissions. Often times between 50% and 75%. We also list some of our products on the CB marketplace because they are great for handling your merchant processing, your affiliates and your customer service for you.

JV Zoo – This is an affiliate network that pays instant commissions via PayPal. Kind of like taking a PayPal payment except with more leverage than your average PayPal button. With JV Zoo, you have access to an affiliate network, and therefore the power of other product owners and super affiliates sending your traffic in exchange for commissions. Very attractive to the brand new and beginner internet marketer who needs money like yesterday!

PayPal – The payment processor everyone should have online. This is where you will likely receive your first commissions online. It’s the fastest, easiest and most trusted way to get paid online. I receive thousands of dollars in PayPal commissions each and every single month from various different affiliate accounts, and you can too. But it all starts with signing up for an account and being able to accept transactions.


Keyword Research

Market Samurai – The #1 most powerful keyword research tool online. We love Market Samurai for unearthing hidden keyword gems that would have otherwise gone unranked for. And you will love it too! We arranged for you to take a free trial of Market Samurai for a few days. Click here to check it out.

Google Keyword Tool – Were you will discover the power of SEO, blogging and traffic. When you start typing in random phrases and realize that potential you have at your finger tips to siphon that traffic off to your website and turn it into money in the bank. You might poop and pee yourself at the exact same time…

Email Marketing

Get Response – There are a lot of autoresponder services out there, and most of them suck. That’s why we recommend Get Response. We’ve used them from the beginning and will continue to do so forever. We have setup a special 30 free trial, with no credit card required to try their service out. This way you can start building a list right away and getting results before you ever have to spend a dime.

Squeeze Pages

InstaSqueeze – Our personal squeeze page software that we use all over the place to generate tons of red hot leads for our multiple businesses. We offer InstaSqueeze at an incredibly cheap price to make sure it’s the go to place for all your squeeze page and landing page needs.

Hot Traffic Sources

Facebook Ads – Love me some Facebook ads because its some of the most targeted, high quality traffic you can get online today. And if you know what you’re doing, you can get those clicks extremely cheap. We have a course where we teach you the strategies and techniques to do this called Facebook Ad Mastery. You should check that out if you are interested in perfecting your Facebook skills.

Bing Ads – We also love Bing ads because Google hates affiliate marketers. And where Google fails to fill the vacuum in the marketplace, you can be damn sure Bing will.  Bing loves affiliates and Internet Marketers of all kinds and they welcome our sales pages and squeeze pages with open arms. If you’ve been slapped before, then you seriously need to check out Bing Ads and start running some traffic today.

Solo Ads – These are great places to soak up a ton of traffic at great prices, because if you know how to convert this traffic, then it is some of the most valuable advertisements you will ever buy. We teach you everything we know about marketing with solo ads inside Digital Bankroll and the coaching program. If you want to learn more about how to properly use solos and the best solo ad vendors, consider joining Digital Bankroll.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Legal Zoom – If you’re an entrepreneur like myself, the last thing you probably want to deal with, much less even think about is the legal stuff. But the truth is we gotta take care of the biz so we can focus on growing it creatively like we are supposed to. Hire the right guys to take care of the mumbo jumbo for you, then allow yourself to focus on the fun stuff in biz! :)


Rich Dad Poor Dad – This was the first book I ever read that exposed my mind to thinking like an entrepreneur. I believe I was around 16 years old when I first came across the concepts in this book, and from then on I focusing on developing myself as the best entrepreneur that I could be. I recommend you do the same and give it to your kids when you’re done.

The Big Leap – Not sure why this book even made this list! lol It’s been a long time since I read it, but it ALWAYS left a lasting impression on me. Maybe it’s cause the cover art is so damn appealing?

Purple Cow – Seth Godin could be called the social media guru of the 21st century. Or her could just be called a weirdo. Either way, the man is on to something big with his thoughts in this book and if you want to dominate the Internet like I think you do, then you need to know whats contained within its pages.

The Tipping Point – There is a point in ever entrepreneurs business where you can literally FEEL it tip. That is the point where you go from struggling to success, and its what people always view as an overnight success because they never saw the years of hard work that lead to your mega breakthrough. This book explains that process and is absolutely invaluable to any entrepreneur.

Losing My Virginity – I’m a big fan of studying people who are better than me, Richard Branson is one of those dudes. Probably the most humble billionaire I know, the dude doesn’t even seem like he is one. And what’s crazy is he has a speech impediment and isn’t that good at very many things. But, he is a MASTER of the few things he is good at. And THAT is what makes him a billionaire. It’s something to takes massive notes from. This book tells his story. Read it.

Psycho Cybernetics – As I’ve grown my business and grown myself personally, I’ve come to realize that the reason most of my customers don’t have success is because they psych themselves out. Business is more of a mental game that it is a physical game. Many times, we are wired for poverty from birth because of how society raises us. This book will help brain wash you to become rich. It will wash the poor out of your mind.

Buyology – Why do people buy? Money is only made in business when a transaction takes place. This book will teach you the strange habits and reasons why people buy what they buy. It will have you going “HUH!” more times than you can count.

The Science Of Getting Rich – I would call this book the foundation of wealth creation. You will learn the essential mindset shifts you must implement in order to start thinking rich. Because wealth is really just a manifestation of your thoughts at a primal level. This book will give your the clarity you need to achieve it.

Video Marketing

ScreenFlow – The rolls royce of screen capture software for Mac only. If you’re a marketer and you need to make screen capture videos, this software is an absolutely MUST for you to have in your Internet Marketing tool belt.

Camtasia –  If you don’t have a Mac, Camtasia is the second best screen cam software on the marketplace for PC. If you don’t own an Apple computer yet, this is your best bet.

Easy Video Suite – The ultimate video hosting and production software suite. If you need to put of professional grade sales videos with all the bells and whistles you see the pros using, this is the tool for you. Check it out.

Bamboo Pad & Pen – You ever wonder how marketers write on the screen, like they were writing on paper? This is how they do it.

Matthew Neer
After being abducted by aliens, Matthew was dropped back onto his skateboard where he had a massive vision to empower the people through Digital Bankroll and the knowledge he releases here on this very blog. He hopes you enjoy his teachings and laugh at his corny jokes.
Matthew Neer
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