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7 Figure Earner 
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The Story of Matthew Neer & Digital Bankroll

Hi, my name is Matthew Neer and I have some pretty cool insights I'd like to share with you about the internet and how you can use it to turn your knowledge or expertise into a thriving digital online course business. 

I got started doing sales the hard way, door to door, on the phone and in person. But once I had the breakthrough that I hope Digital Bankroll is going to give you, I started using technology and automation to filter the web for the highest quality leads possible and bring them straight to my doorstep. 

I happen to sell business coaching, but my process and systems and be duplicated and applied to virtually any business model that wants to move into a more automated online experience. 

No matter what industry you are in, I can help you package your knowledge and expertise into a premium priced digital product and help you sell and scale that particular piece of your business into the stratosphere. 

I hope to see you inside of one of my products!

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